Child Visa: Subclass 101

  • Child Visa (Subclass 101)

    Have a defendant child you want to live with in Australia permanently?
    Apply for child visa subclass 101. This visa lets an overseas child reside with their parents in Australia.
    After receiving the visa, the child can live in Australia permanently. They can also join Australia’s public healthcare. This visa lets you sponsor relatives to Australia.
    Child can travel to and from Australia for five years once visa is granted.

  • Eligibility requirements

    ⦁ be a dependent child of a parent who is an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen or holder of an Australian permanent visa
    ⦁ be under 18 years, a full-time student aged over 18 and under 25 and financially dependent on the parent, or over 18 and unable to work due to a disability
    ⦁ be single and dependent on the parent
    ⦁ be outside Australia when the application is made

  • With this visa the child can

    ⦁ stay in Australia indefinitely
    ⦁ work and study in Australia
    ⦁ enrol Australia’s public healthcare scheme, Medicare
    ⦁ sponsor relatives to come to Australia
    ⦁ apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible

  • Cost

    The visa costs AUD3,055.00 for the main applicant.
    There is also a charge for each of the child’s dependent children who apply for the visa.
    There might be other costs for health exams, police certificates and biometrics.

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