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About 140,000 international students from more than 170 countries and regions of the world are studying at higher educational institutions in Japan. They will have a broader view through exposure to Japanese as well as diverse cultures of the world. Japan is a liberal country where freedom of religion and thought is guaranteed by the constitution.

One of the factors contributed to Japan’s economic growth as a leading country of Monozukuri manufacturing despite scarce resources is knowledge and technology backed by excellent education. The culture to use innovative ideas and come up with creative products is rooted in Japan. Japanese institutions focus not only on academic achievements but also on development of human quality. This aspect of Japanese institutions is highly appreciated by international students who think the studying experience in Japan helps them after they start working.

In Japan, there are a growing number of companies that operate in line with these statements, and the hiring of international students is increasing. However, it is still not easy for an international student to be hired in Japan. The JASSO website listed below contains the experiences of job seekers like yourself as well as job search event information; be sure to look through these materials and start your job hunt early.

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